Women works in logo design

It’s accepted to see men in a sphere of logo design, but it shouldn’t forget that there are women also, who reached the success in this kind of work.


Strong works of weaker sex look so, that on the first sight it’s difficult to understand that it’s made by a woman. One of the great designers, who did her best in the sphere of logotype making is Paula Scher.

This woman is working at the School of Visual Art from 1992 and is specialized on the working-out of logos and identity. She published more than 7 books about graphic design and is famous for her hatred of fonts. Each second person knows her works because exactly she created a logo for Windows 8, which is so widely used. Also, she worked for MOMA and New York City Ballet and helped these companies with their promotion.

The next logo, which is known by everyone and made by a woman, is “Swoosh”, the logotype of corporation Nike. Carolyn Davidson made it when she was a student and is famous for it even nowadays. The simplicity of design is that feature, which keeps this logo popular till our days because it’s an up-to-date trend.

Lucille Tenazas is a logo designer, who is specialized in the development of printed graphic concepts and branding. She is famous for the creation of logotype for Moto Development Group and a variety of posters, which are popular in every country.

The style of Jacqueline Casey catches the eye because it’s unique and it’s difficult to believe that she was creating her works in far 1972-1989. Using the simplest forms, the woman became popular all over the world and still is in a trend of designing.



Cipi Pineless started her career as an assistant to art director in Vogue and Vanily Fair, but after a few years of studying she became art director by her own, but in Glamour magazine,

No matter who you are, man or a woman, the most important is the idea you want to show to your audience and these great women proved it by reaching the success in a sphere, where usually men are on the top. As it can be seen, women like a house on fire overmaster the sphere of design in lots of design contest and it’s only the beginning.

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