Top resources for logo designers

Looking for ideas to create a logo is a difficult and long process, but there are some top resources, which can inspire creators to make something special.


To create authentic new logo it's necessary to understand that it’s absolutely normal to use some Internet resources. and are those two sites, which are the most used by all of designers all over the worlds. They propose lots of useful content, giving examples of already done logotypes and explaining how to make your own.

Another resource for inspiration is, which is a blog, where a variety of different interesting logos are collected.

There designers can find not only the last trends in sphere of logo creation, but also search for news and utility advices in their work.


Except Internet resources there are some books, which would help catechumen with making their first steps and give a helping hand to professional designers.

  • Butterick’s Practical Typography” is dedicated to fonts, their trends and diversity.
  • “Web design ledger” contain up-to-date trends and is full of useful news, which would help in the work process.
  • “Eyes on Design” is a blog of organization of professionals, where much useful information is published.
  • “Brand new” specializes on the redesign process and is looking for rebranded logotypes, posting “before-after” examples.

Nowadays there is no problem with information portals, like it was even 10 years ago, but it’s necessary to choose only high-quality researchers, because affect directly on a result of logo creation.


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