Radim Malinic

To be a great designer it’s not important to have the best gadgets, it’s necessary to have some new ideas and love that stuff you do.

Every day different designers do their best to make a successful career in the sphere of logo creation and one designer from London, Radim Malinic, who is working under the name “Brand Nu” impressed everyone not only with his logo but also with publishing his book, titled Book of ideas.

The book contains his own creative directions and graphic design and is printed like a journal. Now Radim is working with such global giants as BBC, Coca Cola, National Geographic, Heineken, Bosch, Advanced Photoshop magazine and many others. His works are full of philosophy, passion, and sex, also he combines complex technique for installing photographs, colorful elements, and hand-drawn images.

Radim Malinic started his career when he was a teenager, working in his mother’s agency, where he felt like a fish in a water. His first works were posters and covers for demo records, which he made with his friend.


Now Radim is one of the most popular graphic designers and artists, who have a lot of clients, which stay in a queue to work with him. His book is not just a journal, it’s something, what can inspire new designers to create something never seen before. Such publications motivate, are dazzled and prove that a real professional can impress anyone, even those, who didn’t like graphic design before.


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