How to present a logo design?

Each company, which collaborates with the design agencies is waiting for a perfect result. But not every manager understands, that well presented material is a half the battle.


Very often companies face with situation, when perfect design is presented awfully and  customers are dissatisfied. Presentation is very important is the process of cooperating, so it should be on a high level.

There are some rules, which have to be followed to have the best result after the presentation. First, and one of greatest, is that design must not be sent by email, only personal presentation or presentation in Skype for 15 minutes. Masterful begining is a half of well-done project, it has to be noticed by all representatives.


The next point is honesty, so to make a good impression on the client, person, who presents the product has to get his trust. It can be done by telling some stories, which happened in the process of creating logo, any funny situation can get on the right side of.

The next, but not less important stuff is to ask as much questions as it possible, during the presentation. Only in such way, designers will be able to understand what exactly does the customer want and make his wishes come true. By the way, clients like, when they are in the centre of attention, so inquisitiveness would be an advantage.

After the presentation client needs some time to think out what he saw and make his own decision. So it’s necessary to give him some time and by no manner of means interfere with him.

Such easy and clear rules would help any representor make the presentation perfect and be sure, that logo design project of his company would be successful.


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